Ok, so last night the President came on and said they killed Osama Bin Laden. Ummm, ok? And where is he Mr President? Ohhhh, you buried him at Sea??? WTF? Well, let’s start from the beginning…

September 11th, 2001, over 3,000 people lost their lives when the planes hit the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. Osama was the “mastermind” of it all. President Bush sent out our troops and they were told to get Osama Bin Laden dead or alive. He goes into hiding in the caves of Afghanistan and no one can find him. He lets us all know he’s still around by sending us videos telling us how he hates the West and wants us all dead (in a nutshell) Ok, so far we are all together on this and most of us reading this remember the day very vividly in our minds.

Fast forward……

“Osama Bin Laden is dead!” on May 1st we hear this over the airwaves and it was the week before that he was killed. Here’s my problem…what about the victims of 9/11?? What about all those families that were left standing there? Don’t they want proof that this “man” is dead? Don’t they want to see him laying there? Spit on him? Kick it? Curse him out? SOMETHING?

Saddam's Sons

When they hung Sadam Hussein, it was all over the internet- pictures and videos. People gasped when they saw him get hung. We also all saw the vivid pictures of his 2 sons, Uday and Qusay,¬†with bullet holes in their heads and their faces all mangled. Oh what a joy, right? Ick! Well, what about Osama? They have a picture but they “might not” let it out to the public. The navy seal that shot him in the head doesn’t want to be interviewed..The 1st story I heard was that they had to shoot Osama because he was resisting arrest, then the story changed that they saw it was him and took a shot, right to his face. Then they decide to give him a burial at sea while reading him a Muslim prayer. They said a prayer for him??? WTF???

Jeanine’s Opinion….

The government had some nerve! They took this fugitive that everyone was praying would be caught, caught him, killed him and threw him into the ocean to swim with the fishes and didn’t tell a soul for 1 week!. What about the families of 9/11??? Don’t they even get a picture? A text message? Anything?

Here’s what I would have done to Osama Bin Laden….

I would have found him, dragged him out of his million dollar mansion/palace, and tortured him while the cameras were rolling! I’d bring him to the USA and have all the families that lost someone on September 11th there to watch this. On his way to never never land (but still alert) stuffed his face with bacon and watch him go off with a heart attack! Once he was dead, put his body in a glass coffin in the middle of Ground Zero and have everyone line up and spit on his sorry ass!

See? Now wouldn’t everyone feel better this way? Then we’d all sing “God Bless America” and sleep peacefully at night.

PS- I am NOT a conspiracy theorist. I am just a woman with a family who has an opinion just like you. I have no intent to harm or disgrace the government…It’s just my opinion! Please leave a comment with YOUR opinion!


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