These Poems were written by me and dedicated to Barbara, my mother in law

Thank you for being like a mother to me for 19 years!



Mothers are so beautiful
so fresh and full of love
mothers are so wonderful
even if watching from above
if you have a mother
treasure her each day
thank the Lord at night
give Him praise all through the day
for those whose moms in Heaven
watching from above
tell her that you love her
and ask God to give her a hug
tell her its from her child
who misses her so much
and cries each night and prays
for strength guidance and love


A child has been born
a mothers love so warm
a treasure in her heart
a cuddle through the storm
a goodnight kiss so gentle
a tear when you are sad
your mom will always be there
to lend a helping hand
shes warm and soft
and full of love
no love is like a mothers
its straight from God above
this mothers day is special
to each and every mom
so tell her that you love her
and grateful for all shes done
you may have had your ups
your downs were not so fun
but mom was always there
to pick and raise you up
her heart was always open and forever it will be
that one special day to say
“Mom your special to me”



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