When the president came into office, he said he was going to bring our troops home, because he said this, he got the Noble Peace Prize. He said he was going to make a change, he was promising jobs and to mend our economy. HE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING!!!

I know what your saying, “He found Osama and killed him you idiot!” No, a Navy Seal found Osama and gave him a bullet hole in his eye (or head, whichever story you heard). Now Obama’s rating is going through the roof at 60% approval rate…WTF is going on? Now, I wasn’t a Bush fan, as a matter of fact, I hate all politicians, but wasn’t it Bush who sent our troops into Afghanistan to find Osama? Remember the wanted poster “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE”. So why does Obama get all the credit? And why the hell are his approval rates going up? America is like cattle..we believe what we hear from our government and follow everyone else’s opinions. The President hasn’t changed anything! Here in Florida, you can’t find a job. people are getting evicted from the homes they’ve lived in all their lives, AND we have troops spread out all over the Middle East! What happend to bringing them  home? He lied! And accepted the Noble Peace Prize for nothing- only because he can. We need a president who can lead a country, not a president who was voted in because of the color of his skin, or because he speaks well and makes some good promises he can’t keep while in office.

Today I was watching the news and, to my total amazement, they came out with a President Obama action figure! Can you believe our president is now a plastic doll? People are looking at him with adoration, why? He hasn’t done anything he said he would..he is a liar! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if we have a black president, a woman president, a gay president, a chinese president….but Obama won the election due to the color of his skin. I guess America thought it would be nice to change history..well, we did, for the worse!

Our President

Gas prices are rising up and people can’t make it to work by car anymore. People are walking, using mass transit and car pooling. Disabled people haven’t gotten a raise in their social security checks for 2 years now. “Well, the president is against off shore drilling”…of course he is! We have a ton of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and Britain was drilling there! Why weren’t we? Why do we have to pay over $100 a barrel of gas when we have what we need here?? You know why? Cause no one cares. We follow what everyone says and we do what we are told to do. Do you know that we can fire our government? We can tell them ALL where to go and get fresh meat in those seats..maybe someone who is looking out for the REAL people. The people who can’t afford to fill their gas tanks for $100 a week, people who have a hard time keeping a roof over their families heads and are getting thrown out into the streets by the banks who were bailed out and left us here with our mouths open like chirping birds waiting for our turn to get aid. Oh no, that ain’t gonna happen! As long as the huge oil companies are profiting $1 Billion dollars a year and can support the president for his next campaign, those are the ones who matter, no one else.

Our world is closing in on us, the economy is rapidly decaying in the cesspool of politics and we watch our TV’s and praise our president for killing Osama Bin Laden…and that’s it.

**I’d love to hear YOUR opinion. Leave me a comment below**


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  1. Jeanine says:

    The government has been taking us for a ride for a LONG time! They have to make profits (and then some) on everything, while the people get screwed. It’s been that way for years, but it seems to be getting worse. Obama is against drilling, so we HAVE to be dependent on foreign oil- and would YOU give a break to people you hate (like they hate us Americans???) No way! So the people we get our fuel from are reaming us and so is our government- nice round robin!
    Thanks for you input, Bob!!

  2. Bob S. says:

    Hey check out what he and V.P. Joe Biden tryed to get us American’s to pay for Wal marts import/export taxes of 780 Billion dollars no wonder why they can do this crap .
    Oh and another thing i have an oil company and right now Americans should only have to pay under 3.00 a gallon but heres the math equation to figureing out what we should be paying at the pump you take 42 gallon’s devide that into what the barrel goes for that day yeah @ 40.00 a barrel gas was less then 2.00 but 8 gallons of chemical to make the diffrent grades but also diesel and fuel for the Military grade JP-4 and now JP-5

  3. Bill says:

    Jeanine, from what I read and understand is how I feel. Obama never kept to his promises and now the American people feel he is some sort of “Hero” Why? The Military is the hero in this. Also, I believe Obama knew where he was, and was just waiting for the right time to go and kill Osama. He knew rising the gas prices would scare the American people and when they got to be at a certain point, “Bam!”, Osama is killed. Coincidence? I think not. Now that he is dead, gas prices are slowly going back down and that too makes Obama look good. One last thing, how can one person get a Noble Peace Price so quick? He brainwashed so many people thinking, “I’m a great guy who will save the world.” So far, nothing.

    • Jeanine says:

      Osama might have been dead for years and the government brought it out, like you said, at a time when his ratings were low and his campaigning was about to begin. There are endless theories to this Osama story- even as to whether he is actually dead!

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