I was reading a news story and it brought me back to times when I was younger. Years ago, everyone was a parent, whether your personal parent or not. If you walked down your block and got into some kind of trouble, someones mother was always there seeing what you were doing and yelling at you or threatening to tell your mother. God forbid your mom was told you were doing something wrong on the outside! Mom didn’t ask,” What happened?” Mom started swinging and grounding and embarrassing the shit out of you in front of your friends.

In school, at least in Catholic school where I went, the teachers used to abuse the students ALL the time! When I was in kindergarten, my teachers name was Sister Ignatius. I think she was about 90 years old then. I must have been bad that day (at 5 years old), so Sister Ignatius grabbed her yard stick, told me to put out my hands and whacked my knuckles until they were glowing! On another occasion, again I must have had a big mouth, I got put in the corner while wearing a dunce cap- oh so humiliating!

Now a days, things are slightly different..slightly..Parents have no control over their children. Teachers get cursed at, threatened and harassed. If a teacher looks at the student the wrong way, and the student feels “threatened”, the school is sued. Police officers are constantly put under scrutiny for man handling while trying to cuff the bad guys. Again, years ago, police men hit and threatened kids all the time if they weren’t in school! Boy how things have changed, huh? Children know now at a very young age, that their parents can’t lay a hand on them, your own child will call child services on your ass! What are we to do?

Okay, well, here’s the story I was reading…Before you read it, just understand that I DO NOT condone a teacher slapping my child, or anyone else’s. But I DO understand that kids these days are unruly, disrespectful and belligerent! They have no respect, manners or values anymore- and I blame the system for that! When parents are told you can’t hit your kids to discipline them, then what are we to do? Oh yeah, put them in a time out, right? LMAO That might work for a young child, try doing that to a teenager. I’m not saying to beat them (I don’t hit my kids at all), but they have to be scared enough of you to show some respect to their family and their elders.

Anyway, here’s the link to the story..notice that it says before the teacher hit the student, he was calling her obscene names and provoking her. If my son came home and told me this story about himself, my 1st question would be, “What did YOU do to start this!!”   http://www.baynews9.com/article/news/2011/may/243251/Deputies:-Teacher-hit-student-in-the-face?cmpid=facebook


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