Since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with aliens, of course I was told they weren’t real. As I got older, I would look at the sky and always wonder. I’d watch all the UFO shows and be amazed and petrified at the same time!

They say that area 51 is an undercover hotspot with aliens and UFO’s– is that true? They have so much technology around that area that it makes you wonder. Guards that are ready and cocked to shoot an intruder, cameras on every angle and even a machine that SMELLS the scent of a human being! The mountains surrounding Area 51 used to be a public area until recently. The decided to close it off and post guards and cameras up there too now. Anyway, it makes you wonder…Are aliens really real?

We watch movies and see these grey men with big eyes. They take you and perform anal probes and do experiments on you. Is this stuff real? Why do we perceive aliens as these grey men from out of space? Why can’t they just be an unknown organism from another planet? Why can’t they be US from the future coming here to warn us of what’s going to happen to our world?

During the ancient times, people drew hieroglyphics of people from space. According to these pictures, the “space people” helped them build and design the pyramids, the Stonehenge and more! Do these “space people” sound like they are looking to experiment on us? It sounds to me as if they are WAY more advanced then we are.

Do you believe that we are the only people in that huge sky? My opinion to all those people who say we are the only ones, YOU ARE SO SELFISH! The galaxy is infinite, the planets are numerous and the lifeforms are endless. How can we be the only ones around? I don’t think so. I don’t think they are probing us, I don’t think they are experimenting on us. If anyone reading this has a story, I’d LOVE to hear it, because other than that, I don’t believe it.

I am also sceptical that there are aliens on Area 51. It is said that any aliens that managed to make it to Earth, are said to be in Fort Knox (dead, of course). I think the government has built planes, warheads, missiles and anything else they needed to, and just plan it and build it on Area 51. The reason it became so famous for aliens is because of the strange planes they were building, people would see them and the government would deny it was ours, to keep their secrets- so the alien phenomenon was born. Due to the secretive nature surrounding this underground area, people made it into what they wanted to see it as – Aliens and UFO’s.

Have you seen a UFO? Have you been probed? Have you seen an alien? (other than the foreigner down the street?) If so, I WANNA HEAR IT!! Tell me a story, I’m all ears (eyes)!!…


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