How does a man with 100 days political service, less than 2 years as the Senator of Illinois, become the most powerful man in the world? How does a man with only a few days in office get the Noble Peace Prize and send 30,000 troops into far away lands? Was he the most qualified or is he reaping from his skin color?

Martin Luther King stood for equality in all men, yet some of our population let an unqualified man become our President based on the color of his skin. This is not equality, this sounds like affirmative action to me. I am no fan of the politicians that ran against Obama, but at the very least, they were much more qualified than he was. Maybe he would have been president after 10-15 years experience, but right now, he wasn’t the most qualified for this position. He was elected for the color of his skin, and this is no basis for government, not when we have so many problems abroad and domestic – unemployment, gas prices, home foreclosures, etc.

Right now the President is all smiles, basking in the glory of the death of Osama Bin Laden. But the truth is, he may have been a terror threat, but he was no different then all the other radical Muslims that hate our guts – yet our problems at home, no body is doing anything about. Social Security hasn’t had a raise in 2 years, but yet all prices on food, clothing, medical care, have all risen. The way most people are taught is that charity begins at home. The homeless rate is increasing, more and more people are hungry, neighborhoods throughout the country are being destroyed by foreclosures. The banks, who themselves have been in trouble, are throwing people out of their homes to let these houses become unmaintained, ghetto looking drug dens. Where is our bail out? This country can not stand together unless the people on top are willing to help the middle class, the working class.

We’ll pay our ball players $20 million a year, our actors $20 million a movie and have reality TV making stars out of the ignorant, the common, the uneducated people (example: Jersey Shore etc.) We pay more for our entertainment then our own healthcare. The same people paying $300 for a ballgame will be the same people complaining about healthcare. These are the same people who will buy $300 iPhones and have no dental coverage. This country needs a reality check and it all starts from on top, with our government. The countries moral is down and we lost faith in our government and everything that goes with it.


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