All across the world people hate America. Why? We are always the first ones to run to aid another country, we are always there to pay them for their hard work on cars, boats, planes and everyday items on our store shelves. Lets explore…

In the Middle East:

  • If you are caught stealing, they chop off your hand.
  • If you are caught being unfaithful to your husband, you are stoned to death.
  • If you are a Christian, they will put you in prison and watch you die.
  • Women have to wear burka to cover their bodies and their faces when walking through the streets.
  • Men pray no matter where they are, what they are doing or who they are with.

I am NOT saying this is the right way. I am NOT saying this is how we should be. The point I am bringing out is that certain countries have guidelines, morals, values and laws to follow. If you want to go there, you know you have to follow their laws and their rules. If you don’t, you will be punished!

Now, back to America…So why don’t we have any guidelines to follow? Why is it that we have illegal immigrants flooding our borders and piling into our country by the MILLIONS, they don’t have to follow our rules, laws and guidelines? Why have we become a heathenish country?

Our government is trying to take away everything we have been taught since we were little children. Our parents used to pray with us at night..not anymore. Before each day in school, we said the Pledge of Allegiance with “One nation under God” in the pledge. Our storefronts were free to put up Christmas trees in their windows and have “Silent Night” playing on the radio. Why are they taking this all away from us? Why is God getting taken out of our lives? Why, in Texas, is the graduating class NOT allowed to say certain words pertaining to God (bow your heads, Amen, thank you God, etc)? If they DO say these phrases and/or words, they will be punished with jail time!

Why does America have to conform to the illegal aliens that roam through our streets? Why can’t they come to America and WANT to be Americans? Answer: Because they have no respect for us! They come here for everything our government hands to them! While the American people get NO handouts, no government help for starting their own business – the immigrants do!

Then you ask, “Well, why don’t they have respect for America?” Because of our greed and lack of values! The highest paid ball player, Alex Rodriguez, makes over $25 million a year! Our doctors make an average of $119,000 – $205,000 per year! With this, they come into it in debt of an average of $140,000 in school debt vs. the average debt of $20,000 for college graduates. Movie stars are making millions of dollars PER MOVIE! These figures are outrageous! Americans pay more for their entertainment then they do for health care, why is this? When you go into the doctor’s office, how many American doctors do you see? Maybe 1 out of 5. People in other countries take education seriously, Americans take entertainment seriously. These days, we send our children to little league and sports venues. Does anyone want their children to be a doctor anymore? Is it even worth it to become a doctor anymore?

That’s why America gets no respect. Do we even deserve respect?


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  1. Who is being sent to jail for saying prayers?

    You have something mixed up, Jeanine. The secularists are not trying to stop people from praying, we are trying to stop the government from setting and deciding what prayers we should say. Your prayer is your prayer and between you and the god you believe in. It isn’t everyone else’s. The reason that the prayers shouldn’t be said at graduations is that it is putting a government entity in charge of what the people should believe or not believe.

    I don’t understand why conservatives are so insistent on government-directed prayer. Unless it is to make minorities feel like outsiders for not sharing the beliefs of the majority. The reason that Madison was so insistent on the establishment clause was the understanding that if the government were to be allowed to choose the religion of the people then it really is not a matter of faith, but coercion to believe, and the government would have too much power over the people if it were allowed to decide when and what to pray.

    By the free exercise clause, you are still free to pray before events sponsored by the government, or even to pray silently on your own. But the city council, the congress, the legislature or whatever entity shouldn’t be in the practice of leading prayer.

    Imagine if you were to go to a city council meeting, a school board meeting, a hockey game or some other event sponsored and organized by a government agency and they led of with a Hawaiian pagan prayer? And everyone else expected you to either bow your head or sing along (and give you disapproving glances for not complying?) Then you would have an understanding of why secularists insist on respect for the establishment clause.

    • Jeanine says:

      And you believe it’s right for them to threaten these kids at their graduation? If they say certain words, they are threatened with jail time. This country was built on religion (in God we trust, One nation under God, etc). Yes, everyone has their own beliefs, but THIS country was built on religion and trust in God, just as the middle east has their religion and beliefs. Only in their country, you get stoned if you don’t believe what they believe or worship who they worship.
      Bottom line is, if you come to America, BE American and follow OUR forefathers. We bend too much for other peoples comfort. People should be allowed to pray, thank God and be open about it – just as the Muslims who come to America and still where their garb and pray in arabic in front of us in their businesses (convenient stores, gas station, etc.)

  2. jeff says:

    The elephant in the room is Racism! It’s the same thing they didn’t want to talk about during the civil war.

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