Years ago you would see children playing outside. Jump rope, stoop ball, climbing poles, hide and go seek, these were all childhood games. As times changed, so did our childrens pass time. There are no more Saturday morning cartoons, no more interactions with kids on the block, no more sitting in a cafe with a cup of coffee chatting with the person next to you. Technology has changed everything, our whole way of life.

The economy is plunging downhill, workers are getting laid off. Computers are taking over the world as we know it. When I was a kid, people said,”In the future, robots will run everything!” Although it’s a funny visualization, it’s somewhat true. Assembly lines are few and far between, machines are working the jobs people once had. Kids that used to be outside playing, are now in front of their XBox, Playstations, texting their friends and playing online games. Kids used to walk to school in the morning, but now with technology, the media  has grown and become sensationalized. Now we hear of pedophiles and kidnappings, we are more scared as a society. Didn’t the same environment exist years ago? Yes, it did, but with the media out of control, people hear more and fear more. There is no more innocence.

Doctors are saying that obesity and diabetes is on the rise in young children. They tell us it’s from eating fast food and not enough exercise. Where did this come from? Where does it root from? Parents are feeding their kids the same way they did years ago, kids are eating the same cafeteria lunches they did years ago, this area has not changed. Lifestyles have changed! Kids eat fast food while sitting and playing games, they aren’t outside anymore playing ball with their friends. The eat, sit and sleep and this can not make a healthy child. Adults get up, go to work and sit on their computers, not a healthy lifestyle. No one socializes anymore, no one talks anymore. People are becoming prisoners of cyberspace.

We hear and talk about privacy. The city says they are putting cameras up on your block to watch traffic, we start a petition and say how the government will be watching us and we have the right to privacy. Yet, the satellites beyond the clouds can pin point the location you are at on a GPS and it’s alright with us, because it works for us and help us with direction. Very hypocritical! The texts and conversations on our cell phones are tracked, our cars are tracked, our every move is tracked, and we allow it because it’s “fun”. Once the “fun” is taken out, we complain about our privacy.

Yet, all technology is not bad. People are living longer, being cured of diseases that were incurable just a couple of years ago. Robots are now doing surgeries, which gives patients less recovery time. There’s GPS and Google, background checks, etc. Now we can go to college and get a degree in computer maintenance, design, computer technology, these are growing careers! But what about the people who can’t afford college? What is their future going to be like? They will not be able to get jobs because what they can do, so can computers. The economy will take a plunge once again.

What do YOU think of all this technology?


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  1. joe says:

    i just signed up for ur site

  2. joe says:

    i just signed up at your site 🙂

  3. joe says:

    I couldnt live without my xbox 360!!!!!

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