My name is Jeanine, I have 3 beautiful children and I am married to an amazing man for 19 years.

Everyone has an opinion, whether right, wrong or indifferent. When people bring in their opinions, it opens up the mind to different sides and different views. This is how we learn and grow, by hearing other ideas and opinions. This is why I started writing this blog. I have opinions, I read the news, I can see what’s going on in this crazy world…and so can you!

After reading my blogs, please comment with your opinion. I am open to all views and ideas. Everyone has a story and everyone is unique. Show me who you are!

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  1. Benny Belew says:

    Man created God – Check out the ancient Greeks and their beliefs, e.g Thunder was anger being expressed by the Gods, lightning was really, really anger

    • Jeanine says:

      My parents used to say that when I was a kid (about thunder and lightening). And when it was raining, God was crying.
      But I never heard that man created God.

      I have upgraded this website to a new name and ALOT more features, but the same great, hot topics. Come check it out!

  2. Jeanine says:

    I believe too many people are too busy worrying about themselves and not enough about others. You don’t need religion to express respect and values, you need a heart that’s open and willing to accept love as well as giving love. You sound seasoned, leveled and very educated. Thank you very much for sharing your story and your opinion.

  3. Tom says:

    When I clinked on the link for the Cleveland Craigslist R&R section I was quite surprised. Instead if thinking about what I might find I was consumed with what I wanted to say. This site is quite interesting and I plan to spend more time reviewing the writings and exploring the ideas presented. Unfortunately this comment is already showing too many self centered I’s. This is what happens when we are impulsive in our thoughts and actions.

    An impressive speaker is the judge, Belvin Perry, in the Casey Anthony trial. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and each word is thought out carefully as he puts them together to form ideas and expressions that have a significant impact on others. A talent I would love to learn and practice more often. My words have hurt others in many ways from causing confusion to attempting to cause as much pain in another as I was feeling myself. So this is an opportunity to express my thoughts on God.

    Father’s mother converted from Baptist to Catholic to marry my grandfather and raise is 5 kids during the depression. Not an easy task. Father once told me when questioned about the depression that no one really thought much about their conditions because everyone was experiencing the same hardships. Everyone cared for each other and thought about how their actions would impact their neighbor.

    When I heard my grandfather was an ice man I was quite surprised as he was a short lean Irishman lifting and carrying up flights of stairs blocks of ice. He picked that job because the wealthy people bought the ice and he would have to make room in the icebox for a new block. Every night he brought home leftovers for his growing family.
    From that example my father spent his free time walking along the railroad tracks picking up chunks of coal that had fallen off the train cars from the mines. The food Pops brought home every night had to be cooked right away.

    The reason I bring up my grandparents is because later in life I realized that I didn’t feel like a Catholic. My beliefs leaned more towards those of my nonpracticing Baptist wife and Unitarian Universalist. My college describes me as an Agnostic Deit.

    After 57 years of wondering, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t believe in organized religion, per se. I believe that religion is beneficial to society but the negative aspects bother me too much.

    I do believe that there is an entity that is responsible for the creation of the universe and that everything in existence is part of that entity. I think that the whole concept is far greater than we have the ability to comprehend. Sorta like the insect world. They are here with us but don’t comprehend who we are and what we are doing in their envirorment. Could they or would they want to or need to communicate or interact with us? I doubt it. They experience the same difficulties we do when trying to communicate with God. Sometimes I think that God created this universe to experience emotions and especially love. Love is something that you don’t always know you have but always know when you lose it.

    As far as commandments it appears that they all boil down to Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.

    I appreciate this site’s challenge to think and express one’s self. I always find a second or two to thank God for the things he has given and especially those things that we delay in accepting, understanding or appreciating. My wakeup call in life is the though of have never been created.

    After 5 decades of mobility to experience everything there is here to feel and enjoy God has given me the gift of arthritus that has slowed me down to stop and smell the roses. I have accepted that my life has changed and will not be what I had grown to expect or want. I’ve stopped blaming God for the pain and frustration he has inflicted and the sadness expressedin the eyes of loved onesand others that see me in this condition of deterioration for it has all reminded me that it is the fall of my lifetime and time to prepare for the last winter. Life is what you make of it and I have come to realize that there are so many others less fortunate than me yet they go on just like during the depression and look for ways to share the goodness.

    Whe it is all said and done how does the score card add up. What has the higher score, What I have done for others vs. what have I done for me. Have I acknowledged all of the tools and talents I was given and used them to make life better for others? Thankfully now I have the chance to even the card out and recognize and continue to use the tools while looking for new ones to include in my tool box of self. Best wishes and thanks to all who pay it forward.

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