Religion or Atheism

People who have faith worship God. Some call Him Jehovah, some call Him Allah, some call him Jesus. Any name you call Him, He is still God.

How do people walk on this Earth as atheists? How do these people find comfort and peace? How do they sleep at night? Who do they trust in and cry to when they are scared or in pain?

Heaven and hell…do you believe? If you have no religion, no faith, what happens when your time expires? Where do you go? Is it like your body gets “unplugged” from the Earth and you are no where? I find it hard to comprehend. I was raised Catholic and was taught right and wrong. I was taught that if you don’t ask God for forgiveness, you will go to hell. If you accept Jesus as your Saviour, you will go to Heaven. It was as simple as that. What happens if Heaven and hell are here on Earth and in your mind? Kind of a scary thought, but know one actually knows, it’s faith. If you live your life as a good person and follow in Jesus’ footsteps, your mind and conscience are clear. You can live free of guilt, free of retribution and free of anger. If you live your life lying, cheating and sinful, your mind is clouded with hatred, guilt and sorrow. Aren’t these attributes of what hell is made of? Maybe Heaven or hell is where you are today. Maybe it’s what you made out of your life. Maybe when you close your eyes, you are “unplugged” and void. To me, this is a scary thought.

Laws, rules, guidelines – we were all raised and brought up with them but what do they mean? If there is no “prize” at the end, why do we have to obey anything or anyone? Why do we feel we need to follow laws and rules? I believe that everyone knows right from wrong and they choose to do what they do because they either have or don’t have fear. Fear is what keeps us in line and keeps us on the straight and narrow.

So, is there a God? A Heaven? A hell? A life after death? Will we all meet up at the end? I wish there was an answer. How do people, with no faith or religion, cope with right and wrong? If you have no reward at the end, what are your guidelines?

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