Does Money Equal Longevity?

We watch television and see the commercials, “Buy this product and watch the weight and inches pour off”, “This is the best tasting diet food! Buy 5 weeks, get 1 week free!”, “The Cancer Institute makes you feel at home”, “Take this medicine to make all your aches and pains go away…side effects include….”

I have that symptom! I need to lose weight! My family member should check that place out! Is it that easy? No, it’s not, unless you have money or a great credit score – all of which most of today’s population doesn’t have.

Pharmaceuticals companies are thriving. The economy is so bad, people are stressed out to the limit. There is nowhere to turn when you come home to an eviction notice on your door, you have 3 kids, you just lost your job and your bank account is dust. Your doctor tells you your stressed out and prescribes medication to calm you down. Can you calm down? Will you calm down or just become another zombie for the government living in a shelter with your family feeling like a failure.

Once again, we watch television and watch the actors and entertainers. We hear about their regimens and the things they eat, the workouts they do. How many of us can afford a personal trainer and a gym in our house? Can we even afford to buy ourselves separate meals from our families? Everything costs money, money we don’t have.

The cars they are selling now are gorgeous, detailed and classy, they park themselves, they connect to your cell phone etc. These cars are only $200 a month (with approved credit). So this leads me to believe that unless I have money or a good credit score, I can’t have this safe, reliable car. Very sad, but all we can afford are the cars being sold as is on Craigslist for MAYBE $3000. Only for us to have to change fuel pumps, brakes, transmissions, etc.

A study showed that one year after a person is diagnosed with cancer, they declare bankruptcy. Why? Because most middle class people can’t afford the coverage that they need. Most of the drugs and treatments are out-of-pocket expenses. This shouldn’t be! Everyone should be allowed the same health care that the rich have.  Someone who can afford $500 a month for health care shouldn’t be able to receive better treatment and live longer then the person who has a $50 a month plan. Why is ones life more expendable then the other’s?

According to

“Certainly, everyone agrees, there are huge health benefits to not being dirt-poor: clean drinking water, good medical care and safe housing, to name a few. And taking care of those basic needs causes a steep rise in life expectancy. No one denies it’s better to live in a penthouse in New York, treated by a Park Avenue doctor, than in a slum in an impoverished Third World country. Another explanation is that healthier people simply make more money.”

This country was founded by the rich and meant for the rich. People who live the good life have a higher life expectancy than someone who lives check to check. The stresses of everyday life can kill you, unless you can go on vacations, get a personal trainer, a nanny, drive freely with no worries and have a health coverage that covers you and your family from head to toe.

Why is it that many other countries, England, France, Canada, have National Health Service and we don’t? They get FREE health insurance from their public health service. It covers a wide variety of issues including: primary care, in-patient care, long-term healthcare, ophthalmology and dentistry. I am sure they are paying for it along the way in taxes, but at least they are all covered. At any particular time, your mom, dad, cousin, child can become ill, pregnant, critically sick and they can just walk into a doctors office and get the treatment they need. Why can’t this country do the same? Because it’s all about money. People who live in the U.S.A walk around with no teeth, back problems, injuries, no prenatal care and critically ill because we can’t afford doctors. People will die each day for no reason other than they just don’t have the money.

What do YOU think we should do? Do you agree that we should have the same health care as other countries? Do you agree that the wealthy outlive the poor or middle class? Click the thought bubble on the top of this post to leave your comment and opinion.